A Sims 2 Bachelor Challenge

DAY FOUR- Part One

Very early the next morning, before the sun even came up, everyone scarfed down their breakfast with haste.

Each woman got one charm and one suggestion. Priscilla was first.

Priscilla: *blush*

Michael: “If you were a road sign what would you be?”
Priscilla: “Hmmm… caution… curves ahead!”

Michael: “Beautiful curves!”

Priscilla: “You really think I’m beautiful?”

Shannon: “I just don’t like the idea at at that you’re flirting with other women. I wish it was just me and you.”

Shannon: “I’m really falling for you!”

Michael: “Hey Lupe…”

Lupe: *DEEP SIGH* Yeah?

Michael: “Look I’m really sorry about yesterday. I…”

Lupe: “Please don’t touch me.”

Michael: What?

Lupe: “I said don’t touch me!”

Lupe: “Uh uh!”

“Oh my gosh! I think I just COMPLETELY BLEW IT with Lupe.”

Michael and Valerie really hit it off. They have a lot of chemistry and the same sense of humor.

Stay tuned to find out who is eliminated!


Constance and Michael are the first to play a 30 minute game of chess. Michael asks her what she’d wish for if a genie granted her three wishes.

“Let me see…” She said. “Super powers, unlimited creativity, and for all the animals in the world to not be abused or neglected and for all the dogs and cats at rescue shelters to be loved. Actually, there wouldn’t be any need for animal shelters anymore because people would always take good care of their pets.”

Shannon: *SPYING SUSPICIOUSLY* I wish there were an extra chair…

Constance: “I adore rock n’ roll music, too!”

“So you’re a big sports lover, Priscilla. How do you like baseball?”

“I like it.”

“And what about tennis?”

“That’s one of my favorites!”

Michael: “That’s a lovely necklace you’re wearing.”

Lupe: “Why thank you.”

Michael to Valerie: “Don’t look now, but I think the other ladies are spying on us!”

Shannon: “Before I die, I’d like to go on a cruise to somewhere exotic.”

Michael: “Like where?”

Shannon: “Oh I don’t care… anywhere tropical.”

Michael: “I want to kiss you right now.”

And now it’s time for Michael to flirt once with each of the bachelorettes.

Shannon: *Gasp* “I can’t bear to see him flirt with other women!”

Michael: “I am attracted to you on many different levels, Constance.”

Constance: “I like you too, Michael.”

Michael: “You are looking breathtaking this afternoon, Lupe!”


And the mutual crush hearts fly into the air.

After Michael flirted with Priscilla, Lupe came over, completely enraged, and slapped Michael across the face.

The hearts quickly went away.

Lupe: “How dare you coommit adultery!?”

Michael: “We’re not married or even dating so how could I have committed adultery?”

Lupe’s relationship bar with both Michael and Priscilla plummeted down below zero while Michael only lost ten points with her which made Constance (who was in last place) pull ahead of her by only a few points.

From that point on, the flirting took place in an enclosed room with no one else around so as to prevent this from happening again.

Lupe: *SOB SOB SOB* “I can’t believe Michael cheated on me! I was beginning to care for him so much!”

Shannon: “Oh can it, Lupe! You’re not the only one with a crush on him! He’s not faithful to any of us until this is all over. You have to expect him to flirt with other women. If you don’t want to see it, leave the room.”

Michael: “Valerie, I don’t know why you’re wearing a Victorian-style corset and underwear, but you look divine in it.”

Valerie: “Why thank you!”

Michael: “From the moment I saw you Shannon, I knew we had a special, unspoken connection.”

Shannon: “Your smile took my breath away from day one.”

Constance starting going COO COO because her desires were not being met. Her wants were: get married, have a baby, and fall in love.

She has a mutual crush on Michael but that is not enough for her.

Seeing as how none of the ladies have any cooking skill, another fire broke out. This seems to be the trend for the past three nights…

Constance: “I so desperately want to be in love!”

Michael: “I hope you understand why I have to flirt with the other women. You need to trust me. I’m not cheating on you, I just need to get to know them on other levels than just friendship if I’m going to make a wise decision about who I’m going to marry. So do you forgive me?”

Lupe: “I guess we’re good. But don’t flirt with them anymore right in front of me!”

After the pep talk and hug, Constance lost to Lupe by one point.

Good bye Constance. šŸ˜¦

Constance: “You know, I really wish he would have gotten to know me better. He doesn’t know what he’s losing out on! It’s his loss.”


End-of-the-day statistics

Lupe: 82

Everyone else: 100

We are going to have to start going by long term relationships now that everyone is 100!


While all the other ladies were busy chatting it up with The Bachelor, Bridget the bookworm went off by herself and hadĀ  good read.

Michael and LupeĀ  started dancing before it was time for the group date dance race…

Lupe: “Shake it, Baby!”

And they’re off!

Priscilla ended up winning the race.

But Shannon cut right in.

The girls enjoyed dancing with each other.

…But Shannon was obviously the favorite as she got the most dance floor time.

Michael in side interview: “All these ladies are just so smokin’ hot! This is going to be hard to eliminate one.”

Michael: “Who was your first kiss?”

Priscilla: “I guess that would have to be Timothy Coburn in the second grade. He kissed me under the table when we were supposed to be doing art. I was so mad, I spit my gum in his face!”

Michael: “My secret ambition when I was a kid was to become the next Versace.”

Priscilla: “You didn’t strike me as the kind of guy who likes fashion!”

Michael: “Whenever I told people they start thinking I must be gay.”

Priscilla: “I’m glad you didn’t listen to what other people think. Kids can be so mean.”

Michael: “What’s your favorite vacation?”

Shannon: “Every winter, my family rents a cabin in the mountains and we go skiing forĀ  week. It’s always such a blast!”

Shannon: “If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?”

Michael: “I guess I would have to say, as cliche as it might be, a beautiful wife, great kids, and a nice house.How about you?”

Shannon:” I’m not just saying this… but the same!”

Michael: “Who was your best kiss and why?”

Constance: “I’ve actually never had a real kiss before, I’m saving it for the right guy.”

Michael: “Seriously? See now, that’s kind of sexy to me.”

Valerie: “Oh my gosh, Lupe, you’re horrible!!! Stop it!”

Michael: “Uggh!”

Lupe side interview: “Just because Valerie is a professional musician doesn’t mean I’m terrible just because I’m a mediocre piano player.

Constance: *Sniff sniff* “Do you smell… smoke?”

Michael: “Maybe, but who cares? I really like talking to you and I don’t want to be interrupted by something as trivial as fire. The producers will take care of it.”

Priscilla: “I am like, sooo obsessed with art.”

Priscilla: *GASP!* “What do you mean you don’t like art?!”

Michael: “I shouldn’t say I don’t like art, I just don’t like certain kinds of art.”

Michael: “How could you NOT like sports?”

Lupe: “How could you be a conservative?!”

Lupe side interview: Is it just me, or am I the girl that’s been targeted here?

DAY TWO midnight statistics:

Shannon- 100

Priscilla- 98, Best date rose

Valerie- 89

Lupe- 75

Constance- 56






Michael: “I’m so sorry Bridget, but I’m letting you go.”

Michael: “It’s really nothing to do with you. You’re a beautiful woman, I’m just not attracted to you on a personality level.”

Michael: “Take care! It was nice getting to know you.”

Bridget side interview: “I’m okay. We just didn’t really have any chemistry. We didn’t connect and that’s alright. I’m glad to be going home because now I can get back to work and focus my energy on waiting for Mr. Right.”

The Bachelor pad… Victorian style!

Michael: “Vanessa, what’s your favorite band?”

Vanessa: “I really like Switchfoot.”

Michael: “Oh wow, no way, me too!”

Michael: “I know this may seem weird, but my favorite sport to watch is sumo wrestling.”

Valerie: “Before I met you, I never knew anyone who enjoyed watching extremely fat Japanese guys wearing diapers try to push each other out ofĀ  a circle.”

Michael: “So Guadalupe, where are you from?”

Guadalupe: “Please call me Lupe. I’m from Mexico.”

Michael: “Awesome! I love spicy Mexican food.”

Lupe: “As strange as this may sound, even though I’m Mexican, I don’t like spicy food.”

Michael: “When we were little, a burglar came and stole almost everything valuable from our home. It was so devastating.”

Shannon: “Awww, that’s awful! How old were you? Were you in the house when it happened?”

Michael: “No, we weren’t in the house, thank God. I was only six but I still remember coming home from kindergarten and on the ride there, my mom was telling me not to be upset when I saw that things were gone.”

Shannon: “It must have been so upsetting for a little kid and hard for you to understand. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

Michael: “Yeah. The worst thing is when they took my Great-Grandmother’s necklace that my mom was going to give to one of us to give our future wife someday.

Shannon: “That’s so terrible!”

Michael: in side interview: “Wow, I haven’t really told many people that story. I feel so comfortable and open with Shannon. She really has a way of getting my walls down.


Lupe: Once, I was abducted by aliens!

Michael: Ummm…

Lupe: I think they were trying to use me for experimentation.

Michael in side interview: “I don’t think Lupe is all there in her head but there is something really sexy and mysterious about her. I just have to keep learning more about her. She intrigues me.

Michael: Have you ever been arrested for anything?

Constance: That’s a really personal question and I don’t feel comfortable answering that.

Michael: So you have, then?


Bridget: “My favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables. What’s yours?”

Michael: “I’d probably have to say The Patriot, but I love Anne of Green Gables. The sequel kind of made me teary-eyed at the end but don’t tell anybody. Haha.”

Priscilla had the lowest relationship score of the evening until this conversation right before midnight when Michael discovered she also enjoyed sumo wrestling.

DAY ONE Midnight statistics:

Shannon: 59, first impression rose

Constance: 43

Valerie: 31

Priscilla: 28

Lupe: 26

Bridget: 23

Vanessa: 22

Vanessa leaving the Bachelor.

Vanessa: “I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to talk to Michael as much as the other girls did. It’s not fair.”

Shannon: “Bye, Vanessa!”

Meet the Bachelorettes

Hello and welcome to The Bachelor where one eligible single sim finds the love of his life from a pool of seven beautiful sim ladiesļ»æ. Let me introduce you to our lovely contestants.

Born and raised in Xicotencatl, Tamaulipas, she was the daughter of sugar cane farmers. At the age of 18, she left her small village and headed to Mexico City to pursue a career in acting. She describes herself as flirty and over-emotional. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm round of applause for bachelorette number one, Guandalupe Velasquez!

Bachelorette number two is a school teacher who hails from Saint Paul, Minnesota. She wanted to be an Olympic ice skater when she grew up. She enjoys cooking and is of Irish ancestry. She describes herself as family-oriented and a natural cook. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Pricilla Winters!

Bachelorette number three was born in Milford, Pennsylvania and was surrounded by music as a child. She plays the harp in her family’s traveling band. Her ancestry is half Jamaican and half Chinese. She loves reading books and songwriting and has written some music for the band. She describes herself as a virtuoso and a bookworm. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for Valerie Gardner!

The oldest of six children, bachelorette number four grew up in Rochester, New York and was involved with ballet since she was five years old. She attended Juilliard and hopes to become a principal with the New York City Ballet company. She describes herself as artistic and athletic. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Vanessa Lake!

Our next bachelorette meets many guys every day but unfortunately, they’re all dead! Bachelorette number five is a funeral director and licensed embalmer from El Paso, Texas. She describes herself as charismatic with a good sense of humor. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Shannon Montgomery!

“I’m an artist and the mouth is my canvas,” says bachelorette number six who is a dentist from Denver, Colorado. When she’s not filling cavities or flossing teeth, she likes to go hiking and camping. She describes herself as a genius and ambitious. Ladies and gentlemen, please show your appreciation for Bridget Kelly!

An animal lover and freelance artist, bachelorette number seven’s day job is special event planning while she creates to her heart’s content by evenings. She’s looking for someone to share her life with and start a family. But, she says, he must love animals, especially horses! She describes herself as an artistic hopeless romantic. “Let’s hope the old joke isn’t true for me… ‘always the wedding planner, never the bride!'” Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Constance Fontaine!

Meet Michael Bachelor… Michael is is a 26-year-old outdoorsman from Colorado. He grew up in a rustic lake house and loved to go hunting and fishing with his Dad and older brother. “My brother is the person I admire the most in the world,” he says. “He’s been through a lot of trials that most people his age have never experienced but he never loses his faith in God and is always positive.” When asked what three things he would bring with him if he were stranded on a desert island, Michael says a knife, because it’s the” most handy thing to have on an island”; fresh water and healthy food. His favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day because “I’m such a hopeless romantic and I’m not ashamed to admit that I get teary-eyed at chick flicks.” Michael describes his three best attributes as being funny, loyal and caring. His favorite book is “The Purpose-Driven Life.”

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